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the soul rejoiced
freedom had finally been attained.

the cost. great.

far far too great to imagine.

the bludgeoning of a people, century after century,

exacts an unquantifiable toll.


the toll was extracted.

multitudes endured imprisonment,
daily harassment,
families shred to pieces,
and much much more,

and an inherently monstrous evil was conquered.



the foe is different.

far closer to home than we would like to admit,

and still,

the multitudes rise,

and still,

the powers-that-be have yet to tremble.

they will.

it shall be the peoples will.

we. you.
her. i.
him. them.

it shall be our collective will.


our will shall overcome.

one day.

echoes stumble
tripping over slayed vows torn twisted cast aside as the scramble from flavour to flavour leaves but a bitter numb feeling as we scramble between sinkholes of the voided soul that now is mixed with the cosmic dust and satisfaction is oh yes most definitely sir/madam kinda guaranteed.


when my words turn brittle,

when this life and love and trust and hope and music and cocktails and parties and movies and when all of that and all of this moment turns to sh*t

remember that you’re only human,

and thank the gods that be, or not,

that one size for all just dosn’t mothereffing fit …

sometimes unshackled dreams

spread across broken nights

clawing at mournful clouds

clinging on
knuckles scrhiaped

to that illusory state of lobotomy

dull numb

ah yes painless

yet expecting it all

resemble a
human being

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