Looking for Me…

I have strolled down dusty, desolate paths,

blinded by the people thickets of cobwebs spinning in my head,

still I stagger on, breaking a little more inside, with each step that I tread,

I went looking for me,
searching underneath my skin,

finding my frozen heart,
interred deep within,

I searched the high plains of sorrow,

hobbling on time that I was forced to borrow,

my search rambles on, beating my way through the conscience-less realm,

my mind a jangle of discord, a rudderless ship with no one at the helm,

I still search, looking for me, shutting out the rattle from a barrage of cries,

sinking to my scraped knees, collapsing finally on this bed of lies …

… Drifting on, careering down this highway to hell,

I saw you,yes! I saw you,

looking so beautiful and so pained, a vision of peace, in the depths of fate’s bottomless well,

then I saw you, yes! I saw you,

your eyes locked with mine,

finally breaking through the cobwebs, burrowing beneath the veneer so that I may at long last see,

cocooned between the ache of the past, and all the tomorrows yet to be,

I had found,

finally, in your eyes …

… I  found me…