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My Beach of Dreams

My Beach of Dreams…


Turquoise waters tease your toes,

as we walk together on my dreamy beach,

our fingers entwined,

a sensuous breeze caressing your lavender hair,

the soft sand kneading your feet, delicately bare.


The burnished sun swoons and dips,

my ravenous mouth hungers for your sweet lips,

our hearts beat as one to the rhythm of the waves,

scorched by the furnace of desire that our love so passionately craves.


I wake up, with your head on my shoulder,

my soul, my being, my very self continues to smoulder,

I kiss you gently on your forehead,

my fingers tracing verses down your cheek,

I am,
at long last,

at peace,

I have found my home,

there is not a thing in all the world that I now care to seek.

Rains over Jo’Burg…

The parched African earth soaks up the liquid offering from the heavens,

birds sing,


a chorus of relieved catharsis flows through my barren heart,

the steady rain continues,

elevating just another day,

transforming a dry insipid moment,

into a cacophony of jubilant life,


life flowing,

streaming down the desolate avenues,

dripping like perennial teardrops,

down the cheeks of this crazy,

maddening city of gold,

moments of undistilled supreme mirth,

heralds the arrival of a new season,

a triumphant rebirth,


as the Gods of Africa,

and the spirits of the Ancestors,

smile down,

on us,

we of flesh,

and of blood,

and of muscle,

and of bone,

soaking hardened hearts,
dead as cold stone,

infusing new life,

amidst the fragrant scent of rain on dry soil,

while the bronze sun retreats,

seeking respite behind the dark, hopeful clouds of charcoal grey,

while the rains shower their blessings,

banishing the winter chills,

and graciously beckoning spring to stay.

The rains over Jo’Burg caress the leaves on the trees,

cleansing the accumulated baggage that only yesterday so listlessly hung,

over the dryness in my soul,

scorched by a merciless  winters’ sun,

Ah! But today,


there are songs to be sung!


I feel complete,

I am with the heavens,

no longer splintered,
into a thousand and three fragmented pieces,

at last I am whole,

at last,

I am one…

Looking for Me…

I have strolled down dusty, desolate paths,

blinded by the people thickets of cobwebs spinning in my head,

still I stagger on, breaking a little more inside, with each step that I tread,

I went looking for me,
searching underneath my skin,

finding my frozen heart,
interred deep within,

I searched the high plains of sorrow,

hobbling on time that I was forced to borrow,

my search rambles on, beating my way through the conscience-less realm,

my mind a jangle of discord, a rudderless ship with no one at the helm,

I still search, looking for me, shutting out the rattle from a barrage of cries,

sinking to my scraped knees, collapsing finally on this bed of lies …

… Drifting on, careering down this highway to hell,

I saw you,yes! I saw you,

looking so beautiful and so pained, a vision of peace, in the depths of fate’s bottomless well,

then I saw you, yes! I saw you,

your eyes locked with mine,

finally breaking through the cobwebs, burrowing beneath the veneer so that I may at long last see,

cocooned between the ache of the past, and all the tomorrows yet to be,

I had found,

finally, in your eyes …

… I  found me…

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