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knots tighten,
heaviness settles,

whispers disappear,
between breaths,

life insists, pleads, placates,

dismissing meagre pangs, of blocked sentences, unfinished paragraphs,

wrecked passages,

dispelling paltry rhymes,

coiling, asphyxiating,

strangling vowels,
splitting nouns,

searching, perennially vigilant,


the cacophony of mediocrity …

Man 0.003 (dev alpha)

eat, sleep, drink…

…eat sleep scrounge prepare expel

expel eat sleep

drink, eat, sleep




(erroneous program code, perpetual loop)

A Grand Unified Theory…

… Scraping our knees,
as fluid time flows,

months and years and days and weeks,

loving, living, cooking, caring,

our pain, our desires, our simple wishes,

lie neatly tucked away,

behind the clean linen in the guest-bedroom cupboard.

Whispering to ourselves, bleeding to feel alive, feeling a cold, distant cloak of invisibility shrouding our screaming silences.

A tender glance, a few comforting words,
remind us that we are still human,

picking away at still-raw sores, pacing around in our minds, searching for yet to be opened doors,

craving simple warmth, a kind word, a knowing nod, a shared tear,

holding each other, close by, yet not near,

grappling within, without,

at the gnawing fear,

I may have loved you too much,

my phantom love,

always present,

still you always, always, always,

manage to disappear…

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