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My broken words lie in tatters
discarding all that matters,

echoing the splintering sounds,
of this heart when it shatters.

Im floating down the sewers,
lynched by unknown skewers,

tossed and flung away,
into the bowels of today.

Still I refuse to beat my retreat,
despite the sting of the icy sleet,

and through the slicing rain,
I will sing a hopeful refrain,

picking myself up to stand again…

Self-righteous tongues wag,
Spewing forth appalled bile,
Dismissing me as a lousy fag.
Waving their flag, their tag,

While conspicuously silent about,
Crimes perpetrated in their name,
Mute when murder is carried out,
Sans a whisper, let alone a shout,

No indignation for ‘our’ own crime,
The ‘other’ being so easy to condemn,
As we bury our heads in the slime,
‘We’ become a hushed mute mime.

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