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The Oblivious Sea

Loneliness slithers by,
its icy feel brushing past,
coiling itself around my being.

In the depths of solitude,
alone, torn apart by circumstance,

battered to a pulp by fate’s hushed trials,

my desolation is complete,

the final notes of mirth,
now scurry off into this hollow city’s street.

I try to scream,
cocooned in my shell,

none can hear my plea,

its plaintive call,

settling beneath the murky waters,

of the oblivious sea…

I don’t know why,
but you have endured,

in the recesses of my memory,

filling in the crevasses of all these passing years,

cementing my will,

forging my spirit out of the cauldron of molten loss,

I do not know why,

but it always keeps coming back,

to you…