Talkin’ Corneal-Transplantation Gratitude

Whispering voices beseech me,

through failing eyes unable to see,

riding the clouds floating on a dream,

my vision swept away in a frigid stream,

I clambered and clawed my way between the moss,

listening to sickly sweet platitudes of flimsy candy-floss,

and now I stand up again, I rise,

thanks to your selfless gift of your very own eyes,

owing a debt to a life that has passed away,

bequeathing unto me hopes of seeing this new day,

an unknown donor lives on, within my very eyes,

and I am eternally thankful, as each night and day flies,

to you whom I shall never know, my anonymous giver of sight,

my gratitude is endless, as I wish you peace, on your final flight.

(to the unknown donors of the Corneas that I have so fortunately received)