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The Madness of Yearning


Tracing drops of rain,
down weeping windows,

tempests rage, ablaze,
a furnace of fiery passion,

thoughts of you,
only of you,

meander through corridors of my thumping heart,

filling my being, with the memory of your touch, the warmth of your breath, my hands caressing your exquisite face,

aching for your fragrant kiss,
thirsting for your whispers,

pining for your embrace.


Famished and parched,
on my knees,

scraped raw with time,

searching between the raindrops,

seeking reasons for this heartbroken rhyme.


Stay with me tonight,
slip into my dreams,

weaving sensuously deep inside,

embroidering my memories in vibrant colours,

banishing all shades of blue,

awakening my senses,

reaching the depths of love,

simple, precious, pure,

feeling a love,
eternally true.


Stay with me this stormy night,

lift me up on your unshackled wings,

let our love soar to the heavens,

in graceful,


effortless flight.

A Poem for Wendy Cope.


I may not have brought you flowers,

I know that I was always late,

you tolerated my moodiness,

and laughed off my ever-increasing weight.


You said that men were like buses,

and you had grown weary of waiting,

putting up with my madness, my silliness, my inane fusses,

though neither of us barely knew if we were even dating.


Ah! But we weathered the storms, your patience has always been saintly,

and now that we are old, hunched-over and grey,

the silly fights are recalled only faintly,

for I love you so much more now, and you are so much more beautiful,

than you ever were,

on that very first day.


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