Breathing regrets,
in greedy swallows,

the guilt thickening my marrow,

I seek no salvation,
for none can be found.

Lost in the labyrinth of lies,
wasting away each night,

I resist no more,
the shackles to which I am bound.

My yesterdays scald my waking thoughts,
and today ravages my night,

I expect no absolution,
my sins shroud my being,
entombing me ever so tight.

Tomorrow inevitably appears,
a ghastly vault in which I am trapped,

no point in resisting now the coming doom,
my will to fight has itself been sapped.

So walk away, leave me be,

you deserve to be free,

and do not turn,
do not look back to see,

my suffocating soul,

cast adrift,

to drown in this bleak cold sea