A lewd-stare here,
some groping there,
the vulgarity of cultural excuses,
the profaneness of looking the other way,

‘what was she wearing?’, they ask,

‘she asked for it’, they say.

The blame game continues,

films, tv, fashion,

the scape-goating is obscene,

how convenient to pass the blame,

as the abuse, harassment, cat-calls, and rape,

without any shame.

Now could we take a moment, and ask,

why don’t we ever,

take ‘culture’, ‘religion’, or ‘our people’ to task?

Well, its much easier,
to shovel blame elsewhere,

while conveniently ignoring,

religion, caste, culture, etc and etc and etc,

for if we are to point the finger of blame,

why not start at home?

but its so bloody convenient,

to spout platitudes,
to harrumph,
and to point our self-righteous fingers of blame,

here and there and everywhere,

but to question caste, religion, culture,

well, how many of us,
would even dare,

and until then,

why, we might as well,
like spectators,

continue to impotently stare