wandering lost amidst the constant

multitudes of fellow chastened souls


adrift unknowing of what unknown

ideal the promised destination presents


a riddled destination in cold enigma

so wrapped and delicately wreathed


in wandering softly through the mute

numb crowds that the raw ego resents


walking alongside the battered and

vaguely familiar fellow travellers


each step an effort that from the

depths of courage is tightly drawn


the solidarity of the varied collective

consciousness consumes the ego thus


rendering it dead and impotent & old as

voices of the mute demand a new dawn


and in demanding that new promised dawn

of peace and hope and shelter and dignity


and of the new bright light of universality that

shuns none and embraces every being as one


may each battered and tired and weary and torn

and hungry and naked and aching and thirsty soul


be awakened to that new promising dawn where

justice blazes brightly in the radical awakening sun