(the following had to be written. the savage gang-rape in Delhi, India screams at our collective complicity by our silence and by our inaction)

cowardly, brutal,
puffed-up on conceit,
self-assuredly bigoted,
as dead as stone,
stripped of all humaneness,
down to the bone.

you kill, molest,
you batter, and you smile,
you smile,
when you hear the bones, the lives, the dignity shatter.

you lie, humiliate,
You rape, and you laugh as a complicit society condones your escape.

you have escaped,
too many times to say,

that means you too, brother,
and you too father,
son, lover, singer, farmer, poet, thief, doctor, chef, engineer and the rest of you polite people,

you and your wretched array.

stand up and stop the abuse now!

your shameful hands need cleansing,

your soiled conscience is reeking,

of your manliness.

stand up and stop the abuse!

stand up! speak! Act,

for once,
put your testosterone to less harmful use,

lest your dwindlng humanity to the gutter,

you are prepared,

to forever lose