a frigid wind creeps up and slaps me hard across the face

the wrath of moments past seem intent on exacting some

measure of retribution to put me finally in my rightful place


having erred far too much and often for the sake of the ego’s accursed need

one needs to be held accountable for the shredded pain i so casually caused

for having erred knowingly as i left each pained memory in the gutter to bleed


it may be already far too late in the day to seek an iota of forgiveness from some

but the time may be right to offer the apologies that are crucial to the aggrieved

who suffered for one’s sins as i shoulder the raw shame of what i have become


and so apologies unreserved are offered to all who bore the brunt of the ache

for though absolution may never be found it must be said that this late apology

is genuine and not like the rest of my put-on smile just a mere blatant sad fake