the dreary emptiness digs deeply

plunging its gnarled talons into the


mind’s flesh wounding the void and

torturously leaving many a sore bruise


as the silent peace that once dwelled

and blossomed within each memory


is torridly devoured and retched out

like mangled trash and rotting refuse


the emptiness of epic truths and 

joys many and sorrows countless


reaches inside the ever-weakening

heart jabbing repeatedly at the core


for the insatiable emptiness feeds

off innocence so coarsely ruptured


hurling away eloquence and passion

craving barren loneliness ever more


tiredness has now overpowered the empty

mind that had crudely accepted ill emotions


while the truth of hope and of happiness and

joys simple are hidden in plain sight all around


it is now the time to shun the emptiness and chase

away niggling aches that stunted the beating heart

as it is the time to welcome the hope that resides in the

strength that only within wounded hearts may be found