Walking down trodden paths

craving peace

diluted, tepid, watered-down peace


etched lines on weather-beaten faces

craving release

final, open, unfettered release


crawling through today

seeking simple moments of silence

quiet, hushed, un-spoken silence


where will this road lead?

a dungeon of momentary respite

a hovel of worn-down exhaustion

where will this road lead?

from yesterday’s torment

to today’s promise

from past regrets

to tomorrow’s solace

where will this road lead?

away from fear of regret of guilt

of grief of wrath of needling stabbing truth

where will this road lead?

now embarked upon with halting steps

gently treading between the thorns

to that transient place

not a destination

a caravan-serai of hope

a place of encompassing ease

of shackles broken

of hope released


to that abode

that elusive abode of peace