a simple beauty

in the tinkling of ankle bells

treading across the fields of grain

amid earthy fragrances of the first drops of rain


a simple beauty

in the bitter-sweet song of the nightingale

calling out over the trees and across the plain

teasing the morning air with its wondrous refrain


a simple beauty

in the shimmer of the morning dew

clinging to the wings of the wildest crow

awakening gently as the cool dawn winds blow


a simple beauty

in the smiles of the children as they play

their pleasure so pure as their beaming faces show

the radiance of bright sunshine melting into a dazzling rainbow


a simple beauty

in the joyful celebration of life

breathing in the essence of being alive today

alive! with yesterday a mere memory and tomorrow a lifetime away


the simplest beauty

is all around us, if only for a moment

we absorb the innocent laughter of those children at play

perhaps then we may feel again, and with feeling, embrace each new day