the morning dew glistens on feathered petals

alive with promise


the moments past, having past, are soaked up by

the streaming rays of sunshine


the wounds of yesteryear are soothed and wrapped

in fresh layers of quiet peace


all my aching yesterdays are quietly consigned

to the deep recesses of memory


haunting me no longer and tormenting me no more

as i shed the weight of the cross i so reluctantly bore


for tomorrow is alive with new hope


of gentle laughter

with quietly sipped joy

of sweet memories yet to be woven

and whispered songs yet to be sung inside

of scribbled poems yet to penned

and joyous tears yet to be cried


for tomorrow is alive with new hope


of sweetly scented roses blooming all around

and murmurs of delight in moments yet to be realised

of warmth and depth and freedom from pain

and of lost touches of myself once again sought after and found


for tomorrow is alive with new hope


of a new beginning devoid of the guilt of past decay

and of freshness in the very essence of this new day


with lilting melodies floating on the silken breeze

while banishing all pain and setting the mind at ease


for tomorrow is alive with new hope


and this very hope is what keeps the gloomy nights afar

for the emptiness is lit up with the shimmering of a solitary star


and its this very hope that i hold onto with my dear life

never to give in again to bleak thoughts of mental strife


and so hope it is, and hope it must always be

that keeps the sanity within and sets my soul free