A tapestry finely woven,
from heart-strings plucked,
and soft words spoken.

Drenched in a torrential monsoon,
of emotions deftly spun,
intangible, fleeting,

slicing through stormy clouds,
for a place of warmth,
bathed by the shimmering sun.

Embroidered filaments of delicate lace,
envelope the quiet corners of a weathered heart,

cradling the memories,
of bygone moons,
bidding a hushed adieu,

as love silently retreats,
preparing to finally depart.

The mirage of blossoming love,
hovers achingly near,

and though only an illusion,

it lives, it breathes,

as impermanent as dawn’s drops of dew,

and still,

as real as the tears,

that have been shed for you